Blvchlvs was a project born out of resentment that the depiction of male forms in social media or media in general are of men with perfect bodies (abs for days, lean, toned, zero fat, bubble butt) as a result of countless hours at the gym or just simply were born with it, which many men can’t achieve or never will.

This photography project is to celebrate all types of bodies and show them in the best light. I want to inspire men in general to celebrate their bodies and sexuality be it in social media or just simply acknowledging that we don’t have to look like what we were dictated in order to love ourselves.

And it’s also about freedom, freedom of expressing who we are, freedom of loving everyone that we want to and freedom of showing the true power of self love.

This project started in January 2019, and well over 50 men has participated until now. My hope that one day I will be able to compile them into a book and have a solo exhibition.

With love,


March 2023